Views on the pros and cons of different contraception methods

Black Voices on Contraception: The Hormonal Coil

Pros and cons of the hormonal coil.

Black Voices on Contraception: The Patch

“I found it quite good.. but it suggests that Black women or women of colour are not important”

Black Voices on Contraception: The Injection

Pros and cons of the contraceptive injection.

Black Voices on Contraception: The Progestogen-only Pill

Pros and cons of the single hormone pill.

Black Voices on Contraception: Combined Hormonal Pill

Pros and cons of the two-hormone pill.

Black Voices on Contraception: Condoms

Experiences of using condoms.

Black Voices on access to sexual health services

What are the benefits of contraception?

Three people discuss their views of contraception benefits.

Which methods of contraception are the most reliable?

Short video on the most reliable methods

Do you need a break from hormones?

Discussion on whether a break is a good idea

Are hormones unnatural?

Women's concerns about hormones, and a short discussion of how contraception works

How do contraceptives work?

Animations showing how contraceptives work. 

Does contraception affect future fertility?

Contraception doesn't make it harder to get pregnant in future.

Is it harmful if contraception stops periods?

Changes to periods can be a common concern (but also a benefit). 

7 tips for better sex

A sex therapist's advice on how to improve your sex life.

Irregular bleeding on contraception

Irregular bleeding discussed

Contraceptive Pill

Video about the different types of contraceptive pills.

Which information can you trust?

Horror stories can be alarming, but everyone is different and there should be a contraception which suits. 


This video gives information about the implant, and shows how it's put in and taken out.

Is it worth having a coil put in?

It can be painful to put a coil in, but might be worth it.

IUD/IUS (Coils)

Video which compares the copper coil (IUD) and the hormone coil (IUS) and explains what's involved.

Can men feel the coil?

The coil can't be felt, but men can sometimes feel the strings.

The Patch

Short video on how to apply the patch.

Vaginal Ring

A short video showing how to use the vaginal ring

Fertility Awareness

Key facts about the fertility awareness method.