Resources for Clinicians

Offering the Contraception Choices website in clinic settings 

There are a number of way to offer the website to people who want to know more about choices available to them:

Contraception Choices resources

  • On waiting room walls - we have developed a set of 5 printable posters with QR codes on them
  • On waiting room TV screens - 'Questions about Contraception' is a digital file formatted for display on a TV screen or monitor
  • In pre-appointment text messages, e.g. appointment confirmation texts - see below for examples
  • With results text messages - see below 


Questions about contraception poster.pdf



What's right for me poster.pdf



Contraception effectiveness poster.pdf



What matters to you poster.pdf



Contraception choices.pdf


Appointment Confirmation
Fitting Confirmation
Questions about contraception?

In-practice audit

We are doing an in-practice audit to find out doctor and patient views about whether the Contraception Choices website facilitates better discussions and decisions in consultation.

If you would like to help us by collecting doctor and patient views on a short questionnaire, please contact or

Support us

Our research grant ran out in 2017.

So that there is no conflict of interest, we do not accept funds from advertising or from commercial sponsors.

If you find the website useful, please donate via UCL Just Giving: Contraception Choices Thank you!


For more information, please contact

Dr Julia Bailey 

UCL eHealth Unit

Professor Judith Stephenson

UCL Institute for women's health