Getting contraception

Contraception is free in the UK from NHS clinics and from GPs.

There are many free condom schemes, especially for under 25s.

Condoms, the diaphragm and the emergency pill can be bought in pharmacies.

Methods like the pill can be bought online after a consultation with an online doctor.

Visiting a clinic

Women usually need to have a check up to start or change contraception method.

Checks will include questions about medical history, height, weight and blood pressure measurement.


Clinics are confidential, and doctors and nurses are used to discussing all sorts of topics.

Things that patients say are kept private, unless the staff are very worried about someone. For example if someone is being abused, or if their children are at risk of harm then clinic staff must tell the police or social services. 

Staff also have to tell the police about Female Genital Cutting which is against the law.

Services for people under 16 are also confidential. Parents or guardians do not have to come with you. Staff will ask some extra questions to make sure that a young person is not in a vulnerable situation.