Contraception Methods

Contraception is available via family doctors, sexual health clinics, pharmacies, and online

  • Each local area has different arrangements for condom distribution
  • Some areas offer online registration for free condoms: See for example Come Correct (for some areas of London, UK)
  • Condoms can be bought online, for example via NHS Freedoms
  • The once-daily progestogen-only pill is a safe option for almost everyone
  • This can now be bought over the counter in pharmacies in the UK (without a prescription)
  • All contraception methods are free through family doctors or sexual health clinics
  • The combined pill, patch or ring (which contain estrogen) are safe for most people (although not for some, because of their medical history or family history)
  • If your blood pressure was measured in the last year and was normal, and you know your weight and height, it may be possible to get a prescription online
  • Contact your family doctor or sexual health service to discuss the options
  • Depo contraception injections do not work properly after 14 weeks
  • There is one type of contraceptive injection that you can inject yourself (Sayana Press®).
    • See video: How to inject Sayana Press
    • A doctor or nurse might be able to teach you to do this via a videolink
    • You’ll need a small sharps box to dispose of the needle safely
  • If you cannot renew your injection, the progestogen-only pill is a suitable option